Recruiting Now

We operate some of UKs coolest club brands from DIGITAL NEWCASTLE (voted 11th best club in the World), FACTORY 251 MANCHESTER (co-owned by NewOrders Peter Hook and located in the former Factory Records building), FIBBERS YORK(a legacy Live Music Venue) and TUP TUP PALACE.

We also operate a boutique hotel and fast expanding into food. We opened the award winning GET BAKED in LEEDS in 2014 and looking to reposition other business into more day friendly, craft beer and artisan pizza houses, whilst retaining our music led content delivered roots. In addition we own & operate LOST VILLAGE FESTIVAL and various ‘pop up’ event locations.

In a programme of expansion following our recent purchase of Ultimate Leisure we continue to expand rapidly and have five new openings in the next six months. We are looking to bolster our existing senior management team and looking for the most enthusiastic, passionate, organised and hardworking ‘Thinkers’ & ‘Doers’ to help develop their careers in an entrepreneurial environment that offers full opportunity for input across the board.

Venue Management

To run a venue takes a special person. If you’re thinking of a career change from the 9-5 job then perhaps it’s not for you. Or is it? You need to be all things to all people and have the skills and knowledge to literally deal with anything.

We’re not interested in bored key holders or feet up in the office folk. Maverick allstars, superstar personalities and operational OCD bods NEED apply. If you want your wings stretched out and unleashed then apply within!

Innovative Ideas

We’re not interested in the hum drum or indeed the very latest trends. In our recruitment we’re looking beyond that, we’re looking for future leaders and left-field thinking all wrapped up in one.

Any candidate should have at least 2 years hard bar industry graft behind them, be looking for something more from life and seek challenges beyond “zero-hours” or casual labour. We want ideas, we want new, we want the very best that’s yet to come.

Online Marketing & Communication

If you are studying digital media at college or uni, stuck in a dead end marketing job or masquerade as secret late night hacker then get on board. Our recruitment focuses on filling areas of our business with the very best. Online, we’re looking for people to make Morpheous from The Matrix look like Tinky Winky from Teletubbyland. We want people to take the red pill.

If you can sort databases into working order, pan that data into gold, produce reports that change information into money and deploy social media skills that transcend age demographics, then you are lying… If you can manage even half that then send your C.V now.


Join Us

If you have a C.V containing the skills above and prepared to get your head round an ever changing physical & digital landscape, then send us your C.V now.

If you are interested in working for us then send a brief summary as a covering letter of why we need you to be part of our team. If you stand out for from the crowd and possess that little spark that could become a bright flame then we’ll get back to you as soon as we can and get you in for an interview.

Join us and see what #yourfuturereallyholds.